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Purchased an H20 Mop, less than one month ago and it quickly broke. Contacting the company sends you to India, where the representatives can't speak, or understand, English and when you ask for a Supervisor, they hang up on you.

Warranty? For $29.95, they'll send you another mop or, you can return your damaged mop and wait 3 to 6 months for it to be repaired, not replaced with a new one.

Spend $140.00 on this inferior product and get your head examined at the same time.

Buy American......if you can find anything made here in the US!

Monetary Loss: $180.

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Cord cracking slightly, but the real problem is 2nd replacement same issue as first. Seems like blockage after 12 uses that cannot be fixed. With replacement steam unit I used vinegar every time and still ran into issue.

Everything from container to spout is clear.

It is not a blockage.

I dismantled the mop entirely as air/water passes through each part except one.

The magnet inside seems to be where water will not pass.

Just if you want to pass this information on to your technical dept. for future customers.

I don't want to deal with this issue any longer and we will not

be purchasing another Thane or H2O product.


I bought H2o mop 10/09 used 5 times no steam cleaned head nothing there.Still no steam .

I just want to mop my da-- floor not spend my time dimantleing a piece of equip more tools , screws,cleaning.

This is more work than hands and knee's mopping.I emailed warranty no wrd back.


I bought one and loved it, until it broke about 9 mos later. The power cord cracked in back and had exposed wires. Since it was under warranty, they sent me a new mop body. Of course I had to pay for shipping. The replacement mop did the same thing, again before the year was up. However, the warranty period only extends from first purchase - meaning the replacement mop wasn't covered. They were incredibly rude, especially since they are selling shoddy appliances that are DANGEROUS!. I got nowhere and gave up. Wrote a bunch of warning reviews all over the internets. Didn't see this place.

Apparently a number of poeple were shocked and burned, literally, by the cracked cords in the back. So the Consumer Protection Agency has recalled those machines. Thane however is pretending it is a VOLUNTARY correction action. They sent me a notice that gives me a little cord protector doo-job and a new phone number to let them know if the machine is damaged. When I called, again the rudeness, but they will send me a new mop body replacement part. Of course I have to pay $9.95 for shipping it again. What a crock.

These people do not need your business. They have lousy products, worse customer service, and should be avoided. There are lots of steam mops on the market - try someone else.


Thank you for that info!I was considering to buy this mop but NOT anymore!

I've had a similar situation with another product claiming "warranty" and when we called, same thing happened...Directing us to India and the telling us to "shut up!" and hanging up on us!!Ohhhh we were PISSED!!!!!


I've had the H20 mop for a little over a year so far, its an "OK" product it hasn't failed on me "yet" anyway. Though it does seem like the product is made by cheap plastic and it feels so delicate.

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